Eight Marketing Tips for Tik Tok in China and Hong Kong


Bytedance” ranked third in Linkedin’s list of most attractive employers in China in 2019. Its flagship Mobile Application, Tik Tok, launched on September 26th, 2016, and is now a super popular short video platform. Even the luxury brand Chanel, which has no presence on Tmall, is now advertising with 12 vertical screens Ads on Tik Tok.



Tik Tok Short video global market overview

In 2019, video marketing is playing a bigger role in the global overall marketing market than other platforms. According to the report of Dewaiwuhao, about 5 billion videos are playing on Youtube every day, and videos on Facebook can reach 100 million hours every day. At the same time, 86% of digital marketers tend to adopt video content marketing when making marketing decisions.

52% of marketing experts in the world say that out of all the content types with conversion rates, video is the most prominent, and the reposting amount caused by social media video is 12 times that of text and picture content, which shows a huge market potential.

In the era of 4G, network speed limits the short video communication form. The increasing popularity of 5G, and the continuous development of AI technologies, (including machine learning product recommendation, and the 4K, VR and AR guided by video technology), are quickly enabling all walks of life and supporting the popularity of new media forms such as VLOG. As Andy Warhol predicted, “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

At the same time, currently 80% of the infrastructure cost of short video platforms is in bandwidth, and the substantial increase of network speed in the era of 5G will promote the upgrading and transformation of short video industry.

At present, the pattern of UGC content as the core proportion will change, the PGC and OGC will have greater advantages in the professional production and communication. Therefore, short video production forms will become more and more abundant and diversified.


Why Tik Tok success in China and become Unicorn of UGC short video

According to the report of Iresearch data, the number of monthly independent devices of Tik Tok is still in a growing trend in the past year, reaching more than 360 million monthly active Numbers in February 2019, and Bytedance is valued at more than 75 billion us dollars.



It is often said that “North Kuaishou, South Tik Tok”, in the Tik Tok user group, there are more than 10% of users with Guangdong IP addresses. However, in recent years, Tik Tok’s ambition has grown bigger from the domestic market, Tik Tok also enjoys great performance on the internationally.

In Apple’s “Best of 2018” list, the global short video App Tik Tok surpassed classic apps like LINE and Google Maps to become the top free App of the year in Japan’s App Store.

At the same time, TikTok also entered the top five of the annual list of “users’ favorite apps” in Japan in the Google Play annual award. The global pattern of Tik Tok is unmatched by other domestic short video apps.



How to market on Tik Tok for China and Hong Kong Market


“Penguin research platform” combined with the big data monitoring of QuestMobile and pointed out in the “research report on users of Kuaishou and Tik Tok” that in terms of user stickiness and consumption intention, Tik Tok ranked higher than Kuaishou.

Moreover, within the three dimensions of female users, users born after 1990 and those with higher education and higher income, Tik Tok is still more popular than Kuaishou. Deemed having more vitality and a cool fashion aspect to it by its users, it attracts a new generation of core consumer groups and becomes THE platform where young people gather.

As a popular short video promotion channel, Tik Tok is a necessary tool for brand marketing. We once planned and shot a series of creative short videos on Tik Tok for a famous Swiss FMC brand. Once the short video was launched, it immediately boosted the brand’s market volume and achieved sales conversions on Tmall. How to surf the video trend wave and help brand marketing? Let our team answer with some tips.


How to market on Tik Tok and empower a brand?


Many enterprises often operate in the good old advertising thinking when carrying out Tik Tok marketing. However, as the core users become younger and the user size gets upgraded, in the way and style of the new generation of hot marketing, Tik Tok produces a range of different changes in marketing effect, expression mode, content form, consumption scene and other dimensions.


(1)Lead Users to the Target


As the Tik Tok shopping cart function directly guides to the product’s page, it can potentially provide additional user traffic and exposure by the millions. For example, the double 11 e-commerce marketing activity of BMW, which combines Tik Tok and multi-dimensional scenes on Tmall, achieves the sought after result of 1+1>2.


(2)How to create Smart Tik Tok shop


The Tik Tok shop is a geomarketing product originally launched for small and medium-sized businesses. Through thematic recommendation, banner recommendation, commercialized ranking and customization (a.k.a. “local heating” on Tik Tok), offline stores, local POI, and local resource location are pushed to online target customers to help on-line seeding and offline transformation.

Local POIs and relevant data are preferentially displayed based on the location of the audio and video. Local heating can influence general heating, by reaching finely targeted audience, and improving video broadcasting and interaction volume. This allows businesses to access a better content operation and brand building. Local resource location is a strong asset to the Tik Tok geomarketing.

In the case of the Shanghai Kempinski hotel buffet, activities lasted 7 days, and stores offered exclusive 50% discount coupons for Tik Tok users. As a result, the overall store’s customers increased a 16% , with a 5.3 million+ video playback volume.

Over 56,000 coupons were sent among which local pick up rates turned up to a 24% high. This finely tuned promotion of the hotel brought a large number of local customers, quite the success, ins’t it ? The Tik Tok has achieved many goals such as opening online shop s, satisfying marketing demands, promoting product efficiency and endorsement of local brands.


(3)Niche activities can also play a role in the huge Market


Due to the high level of interactivity within Tik Tok’s users, viewers are naturally willing to actively leave comments or forward videos. That’s why it is particularly suitable for the promotion and dissemination of thematic marketing activities, or some relatively niche activities, which can always quickly break through circles’ barriers.

For example, the National Museum of China, in collaboration with seven local museums, jointly launched their “first cultural relic exhibition” HTML5 game. Thanks to this fun activity, it did not only generate traffic from traditional museum lovers, but traffic also spread to other circles and audiences.

At the same time, the seven local museums also used their own accounts to release the video challenge of the # HMMM ~ wonderful museum #. As a result, more than 50,000 people participated in the challenge, and the accounts following of various museums also increased significantly.


(4)Special Tik Tok Challenge competition


“Challenge competition” is a unique marketing tool that was created for companies. This mode encourages followers to participate in the competition in a specific form, such as songs, dances and special events. They have to create short videos to join in, so as to spread the brand and increase consumers’ goodwill.

Every day, Tik Tok updates the challenge with different themes, combining the current hot topics and short videos, while satisfying the need for freshness of core users.


(5)How to create Interactive stickers of Tik Tok 


Due to the progress of video technology, Tik Tok can easily produce and customize enterprise creative stickers. When shooting original videos, users can add hanging stickers on their faces , foreground stickers, background stickers and so on. For example, Suning’s red envelope stickers were widely spread during the Spring Festival, with more than 150,000 people using them to make their videos.


(6)Brands need to establish and maintain a personality



The purpose of building a brand’s personality is to gather target user groups and increase fan loyalty through brand personification. If you want to create a blue V account (Tik Tok’s official enterprise authentication account)with user absorbing ability, you should consider creating exclusive settings for the account and follow a fixed style.

For example, Adidas Neo opened their “adidasneo” official Tik Tok account in January 2018, and cooperated with the Tik tok. After more than one month of operations, it gained more than one million followers, a 150 million total broadcast volume and 2.8 million interactions. In the establishment of brand personality, Adidas Neo created a dynamic, optimistic, personalized and friendly personality through video themes and atmospheres, and conveyed the message that the brand is integrated into the daily life of users.


(7)Music – The dominating element of the Tik Tok APP 


When “Tik Tok” was launched, it was paired with “The Rap of China” program, and has been maintaining its music DNA. A brand can add music and short videos to customize it in an entertaining way.

KOLs are invited to use the exclusive music for video creation, which improves the positioning’s accuracy from the target group’s point of view and is so much more appealing than general product implantation.


(8)Tik Tok Influencer and KOLs + Creative campaign = Super popular effect 


On Tik Tok, Angelababy has over 30 million followers, Chen He has nearly 28 million and He Jiong has over 24 million. Besides the stars, there are many non-celebrity KOLs who focus on UGC content. These non-celebrity KOLs don’t suffer the same burden as idols do.

They will design different activities and contents to attract users, such as Open box evaluations, talk shows, outdoor neighborhood activities, etc. Companies can reach explosive popularity by combining quality KOLs with related products, and by creating interesting, fun content. To name a few: Three Squirrels snacks Open box evaluation, or South Korea Sanyang Spicy Chicken Noodle and their target evaluation for KOLs to compete, and even develop a creative way to eat.

On the marketing race to engage the new generation, these eight Tik Tok strategic tools show how to quickly grab the hearts and  attention of future mainstream consumers and improve user loyalty from different perspectives and marketing approaches. Thanks to those, businesses can incubate popular trends, or build a powerful engine for brand promotion.