WeChat and Weixin Payment QR Code in Hong Kong and China 

A huge number of customers in China utilize their smartphones to purchase everything from handbags to street food. At the core of the nationwide popularity in digital payments are QR codes, two-dimensional images made up of a series of black and white squares.

In other countries like the U.S. and Europe, QR codes do not have much popularity. They are gradually becoming more common in social media apps: Snapchat (SNAP), Facebook (FB) and Spotify have been pushing their clients to check the standardized tags to open new channels, include companions or access playlists. However, in China, QR codes are everywhere – utilized by significant retailers, road showcases and even poor people and buskers.


Wechat Payment in Hong Kong and China are Huge Business


Shen Wei, deputy director of the research institute that specializes in QR codes stated that the market is big and it is as yet developing. He evaluates that more than $1.65 trillion of transactions utilized the codes in the previous year, representing about a third of all mobile payments in Hong Kong and China.

WeChat Pay and Alibaba are the prevailing mobile payment apps in Hong Kong and China. Individuals can utilize them to pay in a store by checking an item’s QR code or scanning individual code to the cashier. The cash is deducted from the mobile wallets that are generally connected to bank accounts.

As an outsider, you probably won’t think a lot about WeChat other than it being a messaging app like WhatsApp, until you’re in China and experience the vast amount of uses of this application. The usage of the application is beyond the imagination when we consider the 93% adoption rate in HK and China and how coordinated it is inside regular daily existence.

This is unquestionably the main application in China, even in the working environment.


How WeChat and Weixin QR Code Change the way Chinese and Hong Kong people live


It is an astonishing knowledge to stroll around a nearby market and see that even the grandmother selling tomatoes use this innovation to for payment. By showing the QR code at her store, clients can filter it utilizing WeChat and pay her using the cash they have in their WeChat wallet.

Your WeChat wallet is an inner record that gets cash in the event that others pay you and can be bested straightforwardly from your ledger. There are zero exchange expenses on either side, isn’t that marvelous? WeChat installments are so regular in China that you shouldn’t be stunned on the off chance that you get an unusual gaze when you pay with money.


Leasing a taxi, bicycle and train ticket by Wechat Payment 

Leasing a bicycle, paying for your taxi, purchasing a train ticket, booking an inn, snatching motion picture tickets, mobile recharges, paying your electricity bill or other utilities, food delivery, online shopping and so forth., these can be done utilizing WeChat. Many people do not carry money with them, instead, they simply carry their phone!

All retailers and service providers are basically constrained into accepting WeChat payment methods because of the application’s entrance overall age groups or education levels. WeChat’s made payment easy, just in a few clicks, so there’s no need to enter a long string of credit card or bank account number each time you need to pay someone.


What is Wechat Business Account Hong Kong 微信公眾號?


You can download and utilize the fundamental application (it’s free!) which we certainly suggest. You’ll have the capacity to speak with individuals in China or Hong Kong a lot simpler and most organizations have an authority WeChat account 微信公眾號申請 that offers ticket buys, installments, and insights regarding their association. This is significantly more typical than visiting sites!

However, if you need to utilize the WeChat Pay option, you should have a bank card from Mainland China in addition to a nearby telephone that is connected with your bank card. Wechat states that they will soon make arrangements to accept international credit cards soon, but at the present errors will occur when attempting to add foreign cards.

China and Hong Kong are the world’s fastest-growing market for mobile payments. Most of the people in China use Wechat QR codes for payment, from meals and groceries to rent and rides. Everything can be paid by just scanning QR codes. Wechat is the most popular mobile application for mobile payments.

You can complete your payment in just a few clicks on your mobile phone. Wechat made the payment more easy and comfortable.