Summary: How to recover permanently deleted data is one of the most common queries asked by several users. In this article, we are going to discuss two different techniques for the same i.e., manual and automatic. Apart from this, we will also learn the responsible reasons for data corruption and loss.

Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally we permanently delete our important data and later we realize the need to get it back. However, recovering permanently deleted data is not an easy task. Thus, we have come up with this editorial to execute this complex operation for how to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive in an easy manner. 


Reasons for Permanent Data Deletion from Hard Drive

  • Hardware and System Malfunction: There may several causes of data loss and according to the survey hardware or system failure is one of most common reasons. The failure can be any type like electricity failure, control failure, head crash.

To avoid this kind of malfunctioning, we suggest you keep your system in dust free area, handle it with care and use an uninterrupted power supply to decrease the chance of data loss.

  • Human Errors: Human Error is the foremost reason for data loss. There are three cases of data loss:
  1. When a person simply delete file or format the device
  2. When a person interrupt the device during data transferring process
  3. When a storage device accidentally gets damaged
  • Software Crash: There are many cases of data loss where software stops working suddenly. If the program suddenly stops running, it is called software crash. It happens when software uses high memory and it may a big cause of data loss or corruption.
  • Virus and Malware Infections: Any malware or virus may slow down your computer or may delete your important files. To prevent yourself from these kinds of issues, use a good antivirus program that can detect and remove them.


Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from Hard Drive

Below are some easy and cost-efficient workarounds to retrieve shift deleted data from the hard drive. You can retrieve deleted files either by Manual (Free) Methods or trusted data recovery software. The complete and step by step guide explained below. Simply perform the steps and recover permanently deleted files from hard disk.

Method 1 to Recover Deleted Data From Hard Disk

Perform the steps listed below and recover shift deleted data files easily: 

  • Right-click on the folder from which you have deleted your files and select “Restore previous versions” option
  • If “Restore Previous Versions” option is not appearing by right click then, follow below-mentioned steps:
  • Open Control Panel and turn on the System Protection.
  • For this, click on System and Security >> System >> System Protection
  • Available drives with their protection will be appear
  • Select a drive and click on Configure option
  • Click on Restore System Settings >> Previous versions of files >> OK
  • Now, you will get an option to recover a particular file

Note: This method does not work every time but, it is best for soft deleted files.

Method 2 to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive Using CMD

The steps listed below helps user’s to restore permanently deleted data using command prompt (cmd). Execute the commands carefully: 

  • Press Windows + X together to bring up a menu, click on the Command Prompt (Admin) to open Windows Command Prompt. Run it with an administrator privilege.
  • Type chkdsk X: /f and hit Enter (X is the drive letter from where your data is deleted)
  • Type Y to verify the command and press Enter
  • Type X (this is your own drive’s drive letter) and hit the Enter button
  • Type X:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press Enter. Wait until the command execution is not done properly to restore your deleted data.

Note: This method is complicated and may not work sometimes.

Method 3: Professional Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Data 

One can use a trusted tool to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive i.e., SysTools  Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software. The software is capable to recover corrupted, lost and permanently deleted data from any Hard Drive. The demo version of tool only can recover the lost data. If the users need to save the recovered data then, they can purchase its licensed version.

Key Features:

  • Restore and save permanently deleted files/folders from Hard Drive
  • Supports corrupted and formatted FAT, ExFat and NTFS file system recovery
  • Retrieve data from any Internal or External hard drive
  • Recover images, video, audio, documents and all other multimedia items
  • Detect attached external storage devices via Refresh option
  • Recover missing data from MBR and GPT hard disk partition
  • Perform quick data recovery from EIDE, IDE, and SATA devices
  • The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS


Steps To Recover Permanently Deleted Data Using Software

Step 1: Download and Launch SysTools Data Recovery Software

Step 2: Scan the damaged disk drive

Step 3: Preview the selected files and folders data

Step 4: Recover entire folder or selected files


Considering users query how to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive, we have discussed some easy solutions for the same. The mentioned manual methods are good in some circumstances however, the third-party solution is the best way to recover permanently deleted data easily without any hassle. Now, users can opt any solution according to their needs and preferences.

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