What’s the Hardest Part of Marketing Yourself?

In my Fast Track Marketing System I divide advertising into seven very unique modules:

  1. The Game of Marketing
  2. The Mindset of Marketing
  3. Marketing Messages (Your Value Proposition)
  4. Marketing and Selling Conversations
  5. Written Marketing Materials
  6. Marketing Strategies
  7. Marketing Action Plans

All of these have their particular demanding situations. But in my revel in in operating with hundreds of Independent Professionals, it’s #7 that appears to be the toughest for the general public.

After all, most of the alternative 6 modules are all about guidance to market yourself.

You research the basics of the sport of marketing, you figure for your advertising mindset, you increase marketing messages, conversations, and written advertising and marketing materials, and in the long run pick the advertising and marketing techniques to get the phrase out.

And then the rubber hits the street. You must in reality get out there and connect with capacity clients through networking, speak me, social media, emails, and so forth.

For maximum, the lowest falls out in their advertising at this factor. It clearly goes nowhere, or more in particular it is going into the notorious “Random Zone” in which matters are achieved haphazardly and unevenly.

If human beings have worked to broaden the complete basis of their advertising and marketing first, understand who their target marketplace is, have prepare a web web page and have practiced their advertising and marketing and selling conversations, they are going to have extra achievement.

But even the properly-prepared struggle with implementation.


Why is setting movement plans into motion so tough?

Here are 3 of the maximum not unusual ones. Are they acquainted to you?


  • As quickly as you begin achieving out, you face possible rejection. What in case your message, your communicate, your emails fall on deaf ears? What in case your ability clients should care much less? What in the event that they outright rejected your promotional efforts?


We conjure painful mental images in our thoughts that prevent us cold.

For this one we want to work again on our mindset, on our wondering, figuring out that if we reach out and those aren’t involved, that it’s now not private. They do not hate us; both they are absolutely now not top potentialities right now and our message doesn’t have the effect it could.

So attain out to new possibilities and maintain enhancing your messages.


  • It takes way greater time and effort than you ever notion it’d. We think of advertising as a few promotional things we do here and there. This must be clean, we assume. But it’s no longer.


Time to do a truth check. Any advertising and marketing interest takes time, attempt and commitment to make it paintings. Marketing is a chunk of an art and not anything works perfectly on the primary draft.

You want to make unique and realistic plans based on strategies that others have used correctly within the beyond. If you simply make it up as you move along, your possibilities of fulfillment are very slim.


  • It’s by no means correct enough and although you would possibly even realize what you are doing, you put off your advertising launches till the entirety is perfect… But it never is.


What underlies this are ideals about perfection, no longer being accurate enough and being judged by means of others. It’s now not a lot rejection you fear, but disapproval. What will others think about you?

Well, if your advertising campaign isn’t relevant to those you are concentrated on, it’s not a large deal. They’ll simply forget about it. They may not assume a great deal about it in any respect. But for the ones that are searching out what you offer, they may no longer best be fascinated, they will respond.

Your prospects aren’t searching out perfection from you; they’re looking for assistance and value. If you’ve got that, perfection is truly beside the point.

I’ve achieved a whole lot of advertising movement plans that have been rejected by using most of the people, took me a long term to put in force, and have been far from ideal. And maximum of them have made me hundreds of lots of greenbacks!

Marketing achievement is set knowledge, value, commitment, and endurance. Everything else is only a distraction.

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