Things to do in Guangzhou China in 72 Hours


Guangzhou is one of the largest and beautiful cities in China. There are old and new metropolis combined having a different kind of tourist attraction sites. The previous name of Guangzhou was Canton. It is located on the Pearl River and has Hong Kong, Macau as its neighbors. It is a historical city and is also an important city of the maritime Silk Road.

It has a dry port. Guangzhou is considered in the list of China’s Central Cities. The population of the city is 14,904,400. Many of the people from different countries have immigrated to Guangzhou. It is famously said as the Capital of the Third World. In 1997/98 there was a major financial crisis in the Asian countries which had forced many people to migrate Guangzhou. It is said to be the city of five Rams. You can get PIA Airline Booking for going to the city of Guangzhou.

The city was founded in 1100 years BC when there was a settlement called Nanwucheng. Some other people said that the city was founded during the reign of Ji Yan, king of Zhou 314-356 BC however as the time passed different dynasties said to rule over Guangzhou. It was not until the First Opium War when the British captured the city and it becomes a source of foreign trade.

Treaties with different countries were established and international trading became popular in Guangzhou. After the independence of China from the British rule, the city of Guangzhou had also got independence and people began to live freely.

There are different types of minerals which are found in the city of Guangzhou. They are extracted in the best order. Some of the important minerals are the following:

  1.   Granite
  2.   Cement Limestone
  3.   Ceramic Clay
  4.   Potassium
  5.   Albite
  6.   Salt Water
  7.   Mirabilite
  8.   Nepheline
  9.   Syenite
  10.   Fluorite
  11.   Marble
  12.   Mineral Water
  13.   Geothermal Mineral Water

Since it has a wider region and it is located in the water-rich area of southern China. There are rivers and lakes which accounts for the irrigation of the fields. The rivers and streams keep on improving the irrigation situation stable and keep the city persistent for the ecological environment.

The climate of the Guangzhou is a type of humid subtropical climate. In the summer, the temperature is very high and it usually rains in the month of summer so people enjoy a lot to this season. The temperature recorded in summer is very high however the winters are mild and chilly. Annual monsoon season comes in the months of April-September.

The average temperature in January is 13.9 C to 28.9 in July. Autumn from October to December is usually cool and windy.  It is often regarded as the best time for traveling and does tourism of Guangzhou. The city receives 67 in of the rainfall every year. In November, it receives 1628 hours of brilliant sunshine annually. It is usually lesser than other cities of China such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Guangzhou is the main production point of the Pearl River Delta. In 2017, the GDP rose to 2, 150 billion. It is economically the best city in China. It has gone under rapid industrialization in the past making it one of the most livable cities in China of today.

The Canton Fair is the oldest industrial fair which is being held by the Ministry of Trade. The first one was held in the year of 1957 and from that time it is being continuously organized by the Ministry of Trade. It had currently 104 sessions and now 104th session is being inaugurated.

First, the Canton Fair was organized into one phase and it attracted the attention of millions of tourists but now it is organized into two phases so that people could easily understand the importance of Canton Fair


Some of the Guangzhou tourist attraction sites are the following:


Chime long Tourist Resort


If you want fun and entertainment then everything is present at this resort. There is an international circus, safari park, Water Park and Birds’ Park. You can go along with your family, friends, colleagues and business partners. This resort is full in the days of the weekend so it is better for you to go to this resort on the weekdays. 


Sacred Heart Cathedral 


It was built in the year 1888 and had taken 25 years of its construction. It was built from granite and is the only cathedral in the world to be made in such a way. Many of the tourists come to visit the cathedral to praise the construction of beautiful architecture. Several times, the lessons are held in the morning. They are held on the weekends in different languages. They are held in Mandarin, English, Korean and Cantonese, etc.


Huacheng Square


If you are the tourist to seek some of the Guangzhou’s best visitor attraction sites then you are at the best location for finding the best landmarks like Guangdong Museum, New Library, International Finance Center and Canton Tower. If you want to have the best view then see all of these buildings after sunset, they are equipped with different lights. It looks extremely glamorous scene.           


The Canton Tower           


It is the best landmark of Guangzhou. In the evening, the tower looks extremely bright and colorful. It is considered in the list of the tallest building of the world. There are different rides, coffee shops, restaurants, observation decks and other kind of branded shops, etc. You can reserve a tour of the Canton Tower. People always try to find Cheap Airline Tickets to go to international destinations.