Study Guide for Students to Sweden


Sweden is one of the most important Nordic countries. It is located in Europe and is a distinctive part of Europe. It has a diversified category of climate and weather. It is considered in the list of beautiful countries. There are many natural types of scenery present in this gorgeous region. It is made up of forests, lakes, mountains, frozen seas, northern lights and other section of inevitable experience that you will have while going to Sweden.  Most of the people book Cheap Flights to Sweden to reach there.

The northern areas in Sweden are extremely beautiful. It is one of the technologies of advanced countries. There is a huge scope of information technology in the economize zone of Europe. Its weather is quite suitable in other parts of the year. Sweden has a mostly colder climate. The country welcomes tourists and another category of immigrants. Everyone is treated equally and there is no racism in the country. Every person is granted full religious freedom, thoughts, and beliefs unless it may not criticize or attack the other religion. Everyone is allowed to practice his religion freely. Most of the people check Turkish Airlines Fares on the internet for going to Sweden.

The educational level of Sweden remains very high. Many of the international students from all over the world go to Sweden for higher education. Lots of the institutes are ranked in the top universities and colleges in the world. There is a huge scope of the practical study. Students are given the time to search the relevant queries and then they submit their results. Their parents also know about the educational level of their sons and daughters. Everyone is allowed to express his or her views on any forum so that the views of the students could have been shared. Government of Sweden spends a major portion of the Gross Domestic Product on education and research.

Most of the international students like to study in the best universities and colleges in Sweden. Every year, thousands of students take admission into the foreign institutions which are located in Sweden. English is the common language for most of the programs which are a beneficial point for international students. They also remain safe because the numbers of crime rates are non-existent. There is a very low criminal activity. The people of Sweden are very kind-hearted for international students.

Admission Criteria for Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate/ Intermediate
  • All educational documents must be issued by previous educational institutions
  • English Language Proficiency Tests Certificates such as TOEFL (Test of English As a Foreign Language and IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Application Form must be filled by a student
  • Grade should at least B or 60% marks are accepted
  • Admission Criteria for Master Degree Programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree with Relevant CGPA by university
  • Entry Test (Some universities require entry test)
  • All previous educational certificates
  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificates such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Online Application Form to be filled in by the candidate
  • Grade in Bachelor’s Degree Program should be at least B or 60% marks are accepted.

Uppsala University 

It is one of the oldest universities in Sweden. It is located in the city of Uppsala, therefore, the name of the university in Uppsala. It was founded in the year 1477. Uppsala is a very famous university in the eyes of international students. 8 scientists have been selected for the Nobel Prize during 5th centuries. 3700 students out of total 25,000 students are international students. 40% of the students are at the undergraduate level while 60% are at the post-graduation level. The university offers different programs at the graduation and post-graduation level.  It is ranked among the top universities of the world. The tuition fee at the under-graduate level is 14000-16000$. Same is the fee for Master Level Programs. There are a variety of the programs offered by the university and you can easily take admission in one of them. At Ph. D. level, the education is free for the Pakistani students also in China. We are going to describe only some of the degree programs.

  • Bachelor Program in Game Design and Graphics
  • Bachelor Program in Game Design and Engineering
  • Bachelor Program in Game Design and Project Management is important
  • Bachelor Program in Energy Transition- Sustainability and Leadership is important
  • Master Program in International Humanitarian Action
  • Master Program in Forensic Science
  • Master Program in Sociology of Education
  • Master Program in Social Sciences- Digital Media and Society is important
  • Master Program in International Tax Law and European Tax Law

Lund University 

Lund University is one of the top universities in Sweden. It is a well-known institute for completing medical education and it offers the programs at the post-graduation level. You can search for more information by using the website of the university. There you will find complete information regarding different programs offered at university. Some of the programs offered at the university are as follows:

  •  Master of Science, Molecular Biology, Medical Biology
  • Master’s Program in Medical Science – Aging and Health
  • Master’s Program in Medical Science- Audiology
  • Master’s Program in Medical Science- Nursing
  • Master’s Program in Medical Science- Occupational Therapy

Stockholm Institute of Economics

This is a top business school in Sweden. Many of the international students have completed their studies from this well known educational institution. Most of the programs are related to economics and business. The students who have an interest in the business and finance are mainly attracted to this school. Some of the programs which are offered by the university are as follows:

  • Bachelor Program in Retail Management
  • Master Program in International Business
  • Master Program in Finance
  • Master Program in Accounting, Valuation and Financial Management is also good
  • Master Program in Business and Management
  • Master of Business Administration –Executive Group
  • Master Program in Economics

Internships And Jobs For Pakistani Students

International Pakistani students can work during their studies but most of them do part-time work. Their priority should be to study and not the work. They have to complete their credit hours of education and it is very important for them. There are different types of the places where the international Pakistani students can do the work like cafes, hotels, Food Spots, restaurants, service stations, shopping malls, gas stations, call centers, shops, markets, newspaper distribution or some kind of babysitting.

You can do the job after the completion of your studies. Many of the global companies are situated in Sweden. There is one necessary skill to be obtained which is having mastery over the Swedish language. With this language skill, you can easily find one of the best jobs in Sweden. It can lead to permanent residence and nationality and all of your life will be set.  If this entire criterion is met then it is easy for you to get the nationality of Sweden as compared with getting the nationality of other countries.