Nothing would be more frustrating than your WeChat account has been blocked as it seems WeChat has become the most popular communication tool in China.  Getting a WeChat account didn’t mean you can have the WeChat account forever. Sometimes, you will get your WeChat account blocked easily when you didn’t follow the rules of WeChat. 

Your account has been blocked/banned, and you need to fix it. If you want this done, sit down, get something to drink, breathe, and it can be over quick. 


Unblock WeChat account in China or Hong Kong?


There’re two types of account blocked,One is temporary and can unblock by yourself. The other one just can’t unblock by yourself, you need to ask WeChat to help you unblock it.


Type 1 :Unblock your WeChat account by yourself.


When you entered your WeChat account and password, you were told your account has been blocked as for abnormal activity or other account security issues. For most people, you’re so confusing. Because you didn’t do anything abnormal things. Then you would google the answer. Actually, this happened to many WeChat account.

As the image says, abnormal activity has been detected and for account security, this account has been blocked. But the good thing is you can unblock it by yourself.

The start of the unblocking is to click on [OK]. And then you will see the account penalty details, blocking type and reason. Then just follows its instructions step by step then you are able to unblock it.


Type 2 :Ask WeChat to help you unblock it


If you can’t unblock your WeChat account by method one. Then you can try this one. Once your WeChat account has been blocked, there are no other ways to get your account back unless asking WeChat support for help.


1. WeChat support

2. WeChat user services


In this way, the solutions have to be in Chinese. There is no English interface. Using one of WeChat s desktop client’s interfaces can be useful while doing this. There is a web interface, a PC Windows client, and a Mac OSX client. You can cut and paste anything you need into the shared file “contact” that will be in your chat history. It allows you to send text and data, between your mobile phone and desktop.


Step 1-Input “腾讯客服

Cut and paste the Chinese text in red into the search bar in your contact list to use for later, when you are ready. You then use the search area and paste it there. 

It translates to “Tencent Customer Service Artificial Customer Service”. This info is useless for actually fixing your account. You need to search for it in Chinese to access it, and it has no access in English from inside the APPs user interface. 

Step 2-After entering Tencent’s customer service interface, you can submit an application to request to be unblocked, through either of the following ways:

Method 1: 

Find the text that looks like the ones in blue below. Follow them in order. You can screen shot and save this to your phone, so you can reference them while using the online customer service interface for WeChat.

服务大厅 (Service Hall)→微信解封 (Unblock WeChat)→问题账号 (Problem Account) :

Then in this area final area →问题账号, input the restricted WeChat Account’s ID. 

Method 2: 

服务大厅 (Service Hall)→在线咨询 (Online Consulting)→Enter the conversational/CHAT interface.


Common Reasons Why WeChat Accounts Get Blocked

WeChat has a very strict usage policy placed for the users to follow and adhere to in all circumstances.  If any user does not adhere to rules and regulations by any means, there is a high chance that your account will be blocked temporarily or permanently depending on the degree of violation. The best thing you should do is adhering to rules and regulations by any means!

Android Emulator — If you are using WeChat from an Android Emulator instead of an original Android device, your account will be blocked. It is because using Android Emulator for WeChat is considered a fake account.

Unofficial Download — Apart from downloading WeChat app from the official platforms like Play Stores, there are many people who download the app from unauthorized platforms. Therefore, if you are using an unofficial version of WeChat, your WeChat account blocked sooner than later.

Illegal Content — If you are posting content containing adult stuff, spreading fake news regularly, disturbing with annoying ads, posting things that could lead to scams and violence, get ready to get blocked.

Virtual Phone Number — If you are using a virtual phone number generated by some means, your account will be considered fake and if WeChat detects it, the account is getting blocked.

Report By Other Users — If there are multiple users reporting to the WeChat team to suspend your account citing valid reasons, it will be banned. Though in such a case WeChat account recovery is possible with a valid explanation from your side.

Suspicious Activity — If you are using the WeChat account to do suspicious activities trying to trick people and hack their accounts, your account could be banned permanently.

Apart from these, any violation of WeChat rules and policies will get your account banned.


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