Setup Wechat Wallet Without Phone Number in China and Hong Kong

Recently many new coming expat are having problem with opening a bank account in China, since the bank asked for a residence permit copy or labor contract which is not possible for businessman to give. And you can not have WeChat wallet if you do not have a bank account in China. So life is difficult without WeChat pay, right ?

As Easy Business Solutions, we shall have solutions for this as well, here you are ( Do not forget to share with your friends)
In UOB ( A Singapore bank) , you can have bank account with passport and also can have WeChat wallet with this account.

More important for business traveller is that UOB accept that you open bank account with your overseas phone number, which means you do not need to have a local Chinese number, which is also good for those who will leave China but would like to keep the WeChat pay for conven ience.

Also they offer english banking services for expat.
Here you can have their office address in Beijing:
UOB main office address: 远洋光华国际C 栋
tell: 58792626
UOB Liangmaqiao branch:
tell: 84893888
Documents requirwas for bank account:
passport and one of the following :
1) driving license
2) income tax statement
3) Work permit / work contract
4) house rental contract
5) bank statment
6) Utility bill

You may want to check our their website for more braches information in other cities: