D BIZ「遙距營商計劃」服務供應商申請HKPC – 2020年4月28日更新



D BIZ服務供應商申請 – 登記成為HKPC資訊科技服務供應商


來源: https://www.hkpc.org/zh-HK/distance-business-programme 

茲確認收悉  貴司填妥之表格,並感謝  貴司對參與「遙距營商計劃」(計劃)的興趣。該表格旨在收集服務供應商對計劃的興趣,以使計劃秘書處其後可向有興趣的服務供應商提供有關正式登記成為參考服務供應商的程序及細節。請注意,填妥該表格並不代表  貴司已正式成為計劃下參考服務供應商之列。

敬請貴司勿以計劃下已認可 / 核准服務供應商的名義或類近描述對外作業務宣傳或推廣。

請密切留意計劃秘書處稍後發放的相關資訊。如有任何查詢,歡迎致電2788 5070或參考計劃網頁


This is to acknowledge receipt of the form completed by your company (the “Form”), and thank you for your interest in participating the Distance Business Programme (the “Programme”). The Form aims to collect expression of interests from service providers to the Programme and facilitate the Programme Secretariat to dispatch the official registration procedure and details as the service providers under the Reference List of the Programme to those interested service providers. Please note that completion and submission of the Form does not constitute successful registration of your company as the service providers under the Reference List of the Programme.

Please do not claim your company as a pre-approved/pre-qualified service provider under the Programme, or similar description when marketing or promoting  your business to the public.

Please stay tuned for the relevant information to be released by the Programme Secretariat soonest later. For any inquiry, please call 2788 5070, or visit the Programme website.

接下來就是等待HKPC 申請及審批詳情